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06-13-2007, 07:58 AM
Jay Cee
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I have to say, I agree with the Preds fans on this one. This would be a shame.

Now, Nashville is not that great of a hockey market, but it is hardly a failed team at this point. There would be a few teams that I would pick before Nashville to be moved as to give them a chance in the future.

I do agree with some posters that we need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot by locating to poor hockey markets, but since we are in Nashville and things have not gone so badly we ought to atleast give it a chance to work.

Moving to KC would IMHO accomplish zero, so I hope that Nashville atleast gets a chance to ride out this storm. Having an owner in Canada itching to move them to Hamilton is not a good thing though. On a side note, I also have to laugh at people saying Toronto AND Buffalo are pissed about the location idea. There are plenty of hockey fans to go around in SE Ontario to make a franchise work and allow the Leafs to sell out every game. NW New York State on the other hand....

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