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06-13-2007, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
Sure, if the league wants to be mentioned in the same breath as camel racing, cricket, etc. Sure, theyre big somewhere, but not in the U.S. And like it or not, that's where the money is.

You think a TV network is going to pony up any money for a league with teams in a place where 95% of the broadcast market has no idea where theyre located. You care to guess the TV ratings for a finals when Hamilton plays Calgary?

There's lots of football fans and plenty of people in Alabama - doesnt make it a good idea to move an NFL team there.
The NHL is not the NFL. It's an international sport with several teams located north of the border, where most of the players come from and where the sport is a religion. If another team moves to Canada, it will be the talk of the country and have a buzz for the next few years.

If KC gets a team, it may make the front page of their paper.

The NHL needs Canada just as much as it needs the States. It can't survive without the other which makes it a unique sport. It can't be compared to any of the other "big 3" sports.

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