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06-13-2007, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by hoofhearted View Post
I think it is just brutal to see some of the cheerleading, on a Preds board, to move the team... Obviously these are very interested, true fans of the team, on this board, and I can't imagine how infuriating it must be to have to read crap about not 'deserving' their team, etc.
We've had to deal with this for a very, very long time. There is a large group of posters on these boards who do nothing but dig up links to small town newspaper articles with inaccuracies, blog posts, etc. trying to make the NHL look as bad as possible. They post hit pieces on these boards attacking the fans, residents, etc. of markets they feel do not deserve teams.

Its quite sad really. My only hope is when the Predators do move that these people stop doing what they're doing, but its likely not going to happen. They'll simply move on to the next market to bash all day long.

These people don't really care about the sport of hockey. They want it to be 'their' game and not anyone elses. Yet they freely tout how good ratings and attendance are in their backyards. They compare markets who have had hockey for over 40 years to teams who have had hockey for less than 10.

Then when they can't bash attendance they try to bash everything else. Tickets prices. The food you eat at games. Your TV ratings.

Look at the last 3 Stanley Cup finals. All "non-traditional" markets vs Canadian markets. Each year we've seen articles from Canada bashing the non-traditional markets on ticket prices, them finding random people on the street who don't know their minor league players and how 'small' their Stanley Cup celebrations are.

This is a message board where someone posting a picture of a Stanley Cup celebration breaks out into a 10 page thread analyzing which markets have had the biggest celebrations.

The NHL gets little coverage in the USA. Especially with ESPN not having a TV deal, so they chose not to cover the sport to showcase their interests. But any coverage the sport does get is either the hit pieces from Bettman-hating Canadian writers, American NBA/NFL writers bashing the sport, or highlights of violence.

WHY IN THE WORLD would someone want to start watching this sport with all the crap going on. And anyone who does start to watch the sport gets crapped on.

Hockey fans whine about how bad the sport is, how its changed too much, how it has no future, yet complain about ratings and analyze attendance more than scorelines.

Tell me which other sports fans have to deal with this crap. I highly doubt MLB/NFL/NBA fans simply sit around all day and determine which cities 'deserve' the sport and add up tickets sold figures.

There will be one good thing about the Predators leaving, as I won't have to be constantly told that I know nothing about the sport, about how we have no one in Nashville who likes the game, how no new fans can be created, about how the sport hasn't grown and how our market can't compare with Toronto.

With these types of fans who 'follow' the sport, you almost hope the league fails.

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