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06-13-2007, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by golfmade View Post
I agree, move the Devils too!

still dont know how they'll maintain a new arena with like 12 fans and 8988 family members of devils players and staff attending reglar season games...

although the devils have astrong fan base, like you guys, but i never understood the low attendance in NJ (can somebody shed some light?)

btw if you guys move it would of been nice to see you in winnipeg or quebec...

i'm not to sure about the same time not completely against it

no matter what happens though...
for all you guys that supported your guys were great fans

Side note...for those bashing canada getting more teams...
if 6 teams bring in 40% of revenue...what do you think 8+ would do..
lets see more revenue = more money to go around to other teams that are struggling in some cities with good fan base...

i'm not saying that Canada is saving the game here...just that we're as part of it as the states

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