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06-13-2007, 05:29 PM
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Good post Stranger.

Let's call a spade a spade here. It is a Canadian thing, it is not a European thing, and rarely is it an American Original Six thing.

I feel I can say this, because one of my best friends is Canadian, and we have had many discussions of this topic over cigars and alcohol of one form or another.

You can almost liken it to two brothers....

One is good looking, popular, and athletic....he gets all the attention from teachers, classmates, and especially women.
He comes off as very arrogant and aggressive because he "has it all" and everything comes so easy for him. Often he comes off as heavy-handed in trying to get his way. He has all the power to influence people because he has money, looks, and a large penis.

The other brother is less popular, less athletic, and less good looking, but has good qualities as well. He is much more tolerant of others. He is overshadowed in almost everything by his brother.....athletics, popularity, money, and power. He has gotten used to playing second fiddle to his brother in almost everything, but there is one thing that he is good at, and he considers it "his realm" where he sees his identity. He also has a latent inferiority complex because he has a small penis and has always been very self conscious about it.

As time goes on brother one decides that he wants to enter the realm that brother two has always claimed as his own and had his identity. This new realm is somewhat awkward for brother two, but he is athletic and strong and begins to excel at it, but there is still a significant gap between the two brothers, because brother two has done it his whole life and it is a part of his being. The rapid improvement of brother one in this realm worries brother two, and he feels like brother one is horning in on the only thing that he feels good about himself inwhich he is actually better than brother one. Brother two is worried that this is just one more thing that his brother with all the natural tools, gifts, and opportunities is going to take away from him and claim as his own. He therefore tries to discourage and thwart brother one's efforts to master the given realm at every all stems from jealousy and fear. Unfortunately he doesn't see that both brothers bring intangibles to the realm that may just take it to a new level.

A more pointed analogy is that brother two is so worried that brother one, who gets all the girls, is flirting with his steady girlfriend, and she might just run off to experience the shlong instead of just staying with the schmekel......

Not to say that these analogies apply to all Canadians, by any means.....but the ones that insist on claiming that a certain market doesn't "deserve" hockey and continually spew out elitist crap should look within themselves and ponder why that they insist on holding onto hockey so tightly and so protectively.

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