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Originally Posted by prettyprettyprincess View Post
No, it doesn't have to, but it's a little thing called class; you know, the thing that hf seems to have less and less of everyday.

I'm not a Preds fan, by the way. I'm a Sens fan. If they move, they move. It won't affect my daily life.

But, hey, we lost our team for 60 years before we got them back in Ottawa, (obviously I wasn't around then), and almost lost them again. I feel their pain. It's not fair to their fans.
Who doesn't feel their pain? Many of us have felt it. We've developed a long history of moving franchises from Canada to the US in multiple sports, sometimes just to see them neglected, whether you're from Vancouver or Winnipeg or Quebec City. Meanwhile the league expands into more areas that neglect their teams even more than those who lost them. Posters like nomorekids are among the best / most knowledgeable on the forum, and you can definitely feel sorry for them.

Call me classless, and sure I feel a bit guilty, but at the same time, there's also something refreshing about seeing someone passionate enough, and perhaps our country strong enough (or the US's weak enough) to reverse this trend, just once.

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