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06-14-2007, 07:53 AM
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man the more i hear and read about this whole issue... the more im taken straight back to the good ol days of the pens being bought and moved. the arrogance of balsillie to announce he is pre-selling season ticket packages in another city before a sale is even made to him certainly doesnt bode well. also its even more shameful to see people even bother to post on your boards... as if to throw this whole thing in your faces "Call me classless, and sure I feel a bit guilty, but at the same time, there's also something refreshing about seeing someone passionate enough, and perhaps our country strong enough (or the US's weak enough) to reverse this trend, just once."
reading those type of comments by canadians when the pens were going through stuff made me want to spout off and attack a place i love to go and see hockey games. while its not terrible to see another team in canada... it is terrible to see a team in their prime ripped in gory fashion away from its fans.

hang in there... dont lose faith and try to keep a positive vibe amoungst what will certainly be a drawn out and painful process. my hope is balsillie fades from the picture as his attempt to buy your nhl franchise is shut down by the league.... then all the KC talk will rise up but your team will garner enough fan support and make the playoffs next year so as to not allow a move.

the league needs to stop allowing things of this nature to happen. if a team is to move due to inability to support a team so be it but this big media joke that they continue to allow is not really fair. whether your getting your hopes smashed that your team may stay or getting your hopes up a team may come to your city. i realize the situation in pittsburgh had to be what it was considering our state and city is run by a bunch of two timing media ****** but allowing this negotiation to go through the media sets a bad tone for the future.

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