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06-14-2007, 09:51 AM
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Preds one of the least successful on-ice teams among non-traditional cities

Avoiding the all the other subjects right now, let's talk about on-ice success…

I’m sick of hearing Leipold and Pred bashers say something to effect of “Nashville has one of best teams in the NHL, yet still rank towards the bottom of the league in attendacne.”

Cut the crap. Real winning in today’s sports world is winning in the post season. We have gone 9 years without winning one playoff round. This is one of the worst streaks in the NHL, especially when you are operating in a non-traditional market.

Look at how other non-traditional cities have faired….

Dallas: Won playoff round in first season
SJ: Won playoff round in 3rd season
Florida: Went to cup finals in 3rd year
Colorado: Won Stanley Cup in first year
Carolina: Went to finals in 5th year
Anaheim: Won playoff round in 4th year
Nashville: Hasn’t won a playoff round in 9 years

Here are the teams who have struggled to our extent:

1) Tampa Bay: went 10 years without winning a playoff round, and consistently drew the smallest crowd in the NHL. When they won the cup two years ago, ticked sales spiked dramatically. A pure example of what it takes to get support in a non-traditional city. Winning the cup totally turned around the tune in Tampa.

2) Phoenix: Have gone 11 years without winning a playoff round. When they first moved, they had immediate regular season success and made the playoffs consistently. That sustained them in the beginning. Now they have a worse attendance than Nashville, yet have over 3 times the population to draw from.

3) Atlanta: Remember this their second take in the NHL… Made the playoffs for the first time this year. There attendance is right around ours, despite have 5 times the population.


Look to the Titans for a perfect example of why winning only significantly matters in the postseason. We are in football country. Yet when the Titans played at Vandy, the attendance and “buzz” was pathetic. They moved to the new stadium and made it to the Super Bowl right off the bat. The town is buzzin’, and right then and there, local corporations naturally support where the buzz was.

Sorry Lieopold, you don’t create buzz by winning in the regular season. You say you’ve done all that you can? No, you have done the single most important thing—win in the postseason.

This was why Poile was canned in Washington. He had an amazing streak of making to the postseason, yet totally failed to assemble a team that would win the playoffs.

Don’t blame the corporations. Don’t blame the marketing department. Quit saying you've tried all you know to do. Blame your lack of postseason success, cause that’s the root of the issue.

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