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02-29-2004, 06:14 PM
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which defensemen should stay?

of our defense corp who do you want back for next season if there is a next season

currently we have
leetch- de Vries

7 man - mironov
injured - kasper, bouchard

what would you do? heres what id do
leetch - the man stays, im not buying larry brooks BS, unless we get offered a deal that is so amazing im talking carter and kim johnsson and a pick from the flyers or boynton and their #1 pick from the bruins leetch isnt going anywhere, he has game left and i want him back

de Vries - he has been everything we ever wanted in a stay at home d-man and he can contribute offensively at times as well, he returns

malakhov - he is going to retire or possibly be dealt, even if he wants to come back no thanks he is gone

tyutin - he is an obvious keeper, he hopefully can develop and be a 1-2 man here

poti - he has really improved his defensive game, there is suppossed interest in him from the bruins and some other teams, id be willing to deal him but only in the right trade where we get back someone who can step in soon and is young

purinton - id be more than willing to deal him, he is an ideal 7th man and he sticks up for teamates but on a defensive corps lacking speed he is a clear weakness and as much as he has improved he is a 6-7 man tops, id deal him at the deadline if possible

mironov - id like to keep him with tyutin, i would however deal him and try to re-sign him this off season if there is to be hockey, tyutin has played better with him than with malakhov but then again this depends on how much he wants

bouchard - he hasnt been the same d-man since we traded him for kovalev, he is not needed

kasper - he will return and im not sure who i pair him with, he was excellent with de Vries but i like de Vries with leetch so we will have to see, but he returns

so we have this
leetch-de vries

7 man?

the question mark is to be filled by whoever we get back from hopefully a poti trade preferably a younger d-man who is more east coast

as the 7-man i want nycholat to be that guy, he has good wheels, offensive upside to play the point and he isnt afraid of the rough stuff or to clear the crease, its time to promote from within and from the games ive watched him this year he could be a solid 5-6 guy

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