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02-29-2004, 06:51 PM
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there is more to hockey than the amount of numbers someone puts up.

if that were the case, Bob Maudie would have been a star center {if you dont know him, not feel ashamed}.

There is also defense {Which still isnt too hot} and more importantly there is the transition game and mental speed in which a player operates and Jessiman needs to develop that more. He was overmatched in the rookie camp and i see a similar situation in the AHL. This kid is a big project and i can tell the team is gonna sign him out of pressure to produce something which is EXACTLY why i was against drafting him in the first place. He is gonna need time and this team refuses to give it.

Jessiman has big league talent but it's like building a house, if you want it done with quality, it's gonna take longer.

the kid is not ready, he doesnt dominate defensive systerms, and right now his biggest asset is that he is bigger than everyone else, when the competition gets bigger he's not going to be able to handle it yet.

They need to give him at least another year in college before moving him up.

The ECAC is getting knocked big time but these guys know what they are doing. they dont have the name recognition of michigan or Boston University, but they arent some crappy little program like people are parroting back now {no one said it before they read it in a newspaper or two, now everyone is an expert on the ecac}.

moving this kid would be a big mistake.

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