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06-14-2007, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
yeah, mlrh was fighting and full contact when i played it out here. they havent been here in years though. i think piha is here for awhile. cj and charlie are doing a great job with it. there are some kinks in the minor league end, but the pros are very well run. bill rauie was a kook. reminded me of that old preacher guy in the second poltergeist movie. creeped me out.

as for savannah, i have no idea. i play in CO, and all i really know about is what goes on out here. i hear some of our teams may be reorganizing, so im not even sure about here sometimes.
While I do not want this getting into a Bill Raue thread...I fully understand your initial reaction to meeting Raue. While I have not seen the movie you mentioned, I had several images immediately pop into my head when Raue was introduced to me and none of them was of a wealthy marketing executive or even a business professional for that matter. Regardless, he did/does have a loyal following and has experienced much success in other business ventures so all the more power to him.

As for Savannah, I too don't know, but wouldn't doubt they are looking to put together a division in the Southeast at some point in the future. Contact PIHA through their website. As I said earlier, I know they will be receptive to your questions and do the best to answer them. Also, many rumors fly around about PIHA and MLRH among other leagues over on IHC...check it out at

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