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06-14-2007, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Backstrom #19 View Post
I'm top 5 player in my league now, i'm not afraid of failing i just don't want to go out there and spend 50 bucks and get blown away, i'm not afraid of failng cause i know i'm a good player. I work pretty hard, i don't have top skill but i'm a never quit hustle till 5 seconds after the wishtle kind of guy.
i dont see why you wouldnt want to do it then. what kind of league are you in now? sounds like your a candidate for the minors at least. 50 bucks may seem like a lot now, but i think its worth it just for the experience. is the team going to be at your rink? if not, id say go check out the top league at the rink the team will be based out of - there is the likely source for most of your competition at the tryout. if it is at your rink and your already a good player there, i wouldnt expect that many people to just appear out of the woodwork. i think i knew about 80% of the entire CO pro division on a first name basis before it started last year. very few guys just showed up who id never seen before.

i wasnt trying to insult before. sorry if i did.

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