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Save The Predators Benefit Concert & Auction 7/10

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T-shirts: Keep the Predators in Nashville

WOW! The pre-orders for these shirts are WAY more than I expected this soon. I just ordered another 250, and will likely order a couple thousand to be ready for the rally in July, but that will depend on sales volume here. I'm trying to keep up so there are no delays in getting your shirts to you ASAP, but please bear with me. I would expect that all pre-orders already placed by can be shipped by June 14, in plenty of time for the Preds Rally. Also, we will be at the Rally selling these. The largest sizes were ordered in smaller quantities and are running out - XXLs and XXXLs ordered after June 6 may be a little later to be shipped, but we'll get them to you before the rally - we promise.

ALL profit from these shirts will be donated to the Tickets for Charity program, initiated by SaveThePredators member John Fesler. Click here ( ) for more info about John's efforts.

Thanks for your purchase. You're helping to keep The Predators in Nashville!

To buy t-shirts click here:

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Sign the Petition: http://************************/19972007/petition.html


Write a letter to the editor of The Tennessean, The City Paper or both. In your letter, mention key things that will encourage fans and businesses to increase their support. Encourage readers who've never been to a Preds game to give it a try. Most first-timers are hooked and return to more games. Include reasons why The Predators are important to downtown businesses. Write to The Tennesean here: Write to The City Paper here: .

Call the NHL head office at 212-789-2000 to voice your opposition to the Predators leaving Nashville. The NHL keeps track of these calls and will relay them to the NHL Board of Governors. Make this conversation one that leaves a positive impression of our fans and city.

Take a friend to his/her first NHL game. It's addictive and it just might add a new season ticket holder to the ranks, or at least will encourage that person to buy a couple of seats during the season.

Discuss supporting the Predators with your employer, or if you are a business owner, consider buying tickets or adding to your current block. Predators tickets are powerful tools for businesses seeking new clients or as incentives for employees.

If you're a casual hockey fan, but enjoy the game, consider buying season tickets or an ice pack. Many people think it's cheaper to buy individual tickets, but it's not. The Predators have very attractive ticket packages and will arrange a payment plan to make the purchase easier to work into your budget.

If you're a season ticket holder, consider buying additional seats. Our team is good, so even if you can't use all of your seats, they are very easy to sell on eBay or through the Nashville Predators website. For the best results, try to sell them to someone who wasn't already planning to attend the game. For better results, give them to a friend who's never been to a hockey game.

If you are a season ticket holder and have friends who also are, go in together on a pair of high-end seats in the lower bowl. Take turns using the premium seats with your friends. You can sell or give away the unused seats.

Email at least ten friends who you think might be convinced to help keep the Nashville Predators in Nashville. Most people agree that they are very important to Nashville's businesses and image among US cities.

Fly your Predators car flags at all times and wave or honk to other fans who are doing the same. This serves as advertising to other motorists who haven't caught Predators fever yet.

Think positive thoughts. Don't even consider backing off on your support because The Preds might leave. Such thoughts are poison to the efforts to keep our team here. If you hear someone saying they might stop going to games, tell them why it's a bad idea. Even if the new owner only has to keep the team here for a couple of years, a lot could change in that time.

I KNOW there are more ideas out there. Please post them.

My suggestions:

Buy Bumper Stickers, car magnet,and license plates.

Car Magnet:

License Plate:

Plate Frame:

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