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06-14-2007, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Transported Upstater View Post
This is the Preds board...not a neutral one.

If you want to go into the "I'm happy for Canada" diatribe, that's fine, but do it on a neutral board and not here. Not only do they not want to see it here...they shouldn't have to see it here.
Right, its a Preds board. So if people want to discuss Preds, shouldn't they be able to discuss the possibility of them moving? Unless you want to designate this as the Nashville board. In that case, the description of the Business of Hockey forum needs to be updated. Currently its:

"Financial aspects of hockey. Lockout and CBA-related discussion goes here."

I'd say it needs to add relocation/expansion related discussion to the subtitle as well. If so, then at least theres some sense to not posting in the Preds forum.

By the way, I mentioned respectful posting. Some people here (not directed at you) think that I mean people rubbing it in the face of Nashville fans. Thats not what I'm all about. I never have ever meant to disrespect any of the hockey fans in Nashville. All hockey fans are the same at heart to me.

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