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06-15-2007, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Fury View Post
Given that the team's actually made the playoffs three times in nine years (not bad, given how hard it is to qualify for the postseason in this league), I'm not sure what more can be done. If it takes a golden ticket to the SCF or somesuch for a franchise to make a go of it, said franchise probably won't last long.
See, that's the thing. Making the playoffs isn't really that hard. Over half the teams in the NHL do every single season. So over the course of 9 years, it would quite disgraceful to have never qualified for the post season.

In other major sports, most notably the NFL and MLB, a much lower percentage of teams participate in the playoffs. For them, 9 years is still a long time to not make it, but it's at least understandable in those leagues.

That said, I don't think winning one playoff round makes that big an impact. A long playoff run would, but one round is just one round. The NHL's playoffs are much more of a crap shoot than other sports. Upsets happen and regular season success doesn't mean much. The Preds have iced highly competitive teams over the past two seasons and asking for more is probably asking too much.

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