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02-29-2004, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by martinkrantz
For most of the time, it's a more mature level, but still, some of you guys could really use a lesson on how to let other people present thoughts or voice opinions without trashing them.

Consider it, that's all I'm saying.
Martin, you want to know the hypothetical value of a player who simply will not be traded. I understand that this may be of value to you but consider that hypothesis have to be worked on *something*. It's simply very difficult to give you the answer to the question you are asking.

I completely disagree witth you, BTW. Now is not the time to trade Peter Forsberg. It would be crazy to do so.

You've had a couple of answers to your question. Some people have spoken about one first rounder or "not much". Discard that nonsense. The big teams would offer much more for Forsberg, knowing they've just destroyed the Avs franchise by doing so on top of adding one of the greatest force in the game.

I do not think it is disrepectful to tell you this cannot and will not happen under the current circumstances. You're question is irrelevant not only because this is a strategic suicide from an on-ice standpoint but because it completely ignores important aspects such as caring about your market and team morale.

It's just not easy to wonder what would happen if a completely impossible situation was to happen. There is no precedent for what you are asking. How the heck is someone supposed to answer this? A great team, finances are fine, player is considered one of the premier forwad in the league (even considered the best player at any poistion by some), player is happy with team, player is well-respected by peers league-wide and moreso within his team.

We're supposed to wonder what the Avs would ask for and what other teams would be willing to offer? Based on what?

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