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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Kid, you're gonna have to cut your losses here soon. I wasn't gonna get in on this, but here goes. First of all, suck big time in his own zone? Let's not get ********. He is weak against top talent one-on-one. His defensive zone coverage is fine. Oh, and judging by the percentage of minutes played by all defensemen on the team, yes, he is important. If he wasn't the coach wouldn't play him as much as he did. If he isn't playing those minutes, then we have Bouillon or Dandybouillon out there. Pick your poison.

I enjoy the fighting as a measure of toughness. The willingness to step up and fight is more important than who wins the fight. But anyway, on to the corners/front of the net... do you watch the games? Souray does as good of a job as anyone on the team at controlling traffic in front of the net and in the corners. As far as being scared, I don't think anyone in the NHL is actually "scared" of anyone out there.

Since when do mistakes translate into lack of leadership? Talking and encouraging are two of the most important parts of being a leader on a team. Ever play on a COMPETITIVE (i.e. NOT recreational) team ? It's sounding like you never have. The dressing room is where the real leaders get to work; out of the eyes of the media.

Oh, and the answer to the last part: the same kind of leader that would pick a fight with Ribeiro on/off the ice (Koivu... or perhaps this is the first time you've heard of this). The leaders kick the pants of the slackers and guys who step out of line. That's how it goes.

Hmm... one great season, plus one season where he was a leading Norris candidate before getting injured, plus three years as a defensive monster with the Devils. Perhaps you're too young to have watched him then. He used to be known for his defense (as was the system in NJ, but they already had guys like Stevens, so Souray was "expendable"), but was asked to transition to a more offensive game when he came to Montreal. Looking at how quickly he made the transition and how effective he has become, i would categorize his time here as a success.

And yes, Rivet was a big leadership loss. He was, however, also declining physically and Gainey got a good return for him.

Well there it is. You're convinced. I'm convinced that peanut butter and cheddar cheese sandwiches taste better than peanut butter and jam. I'm also convinced that you recently started watching hockey, or atleast recently started to watch enough to form opinions about what you see.

In any event, how will we measure his affect on the team? If the team goals against go down, I will attribute that to having Huet and Halak instead of Huet and Aebischer. If the powerplay points go up, I will be very surprised. As for 5-on-5, I think you'll see the forwards (especially those who were rookies or sophmores) being more effective in the defensive zone, and that will translate into better numbers regardless of whether Souray is there or not.

Oh, and "obviously replaced by a UFA." We should call you Krisstal Ball E. Granted, we all hope so, and we hope it's a good one... but in Montreal nothing is easy or "obvious." And finally, I don't have a reply to your "proning" comment. I've never seen "prone" used as a verb.

I love how you start off by calling me kid...way to go..ive been watching hockey since Lanny Macdonald raised the thats almost 20years ago..
So to start agree he's weak against Top dont know why you even start to argue...
I dont care if he can take the puck away from Turner Stevenson or any 3rd liner..pretty much anybody else could but most of the time he's getting matched up vs the 2nd line of other teams and gets schooled..
and i prefer having Bouillon then Souray in my zone any day..

And you didnt understand much of what i said...i didnt say Souray's encouragement or talk isnt important..i said id prefer to have a guy like Markov that shows leadership from how he plays..than somebody that can talk...
Its much easier to replace a guy like Souray..who only talks but doesnt have much other than his PP shot

Again you mishandle my views..maybe you agree with fights in dressing rooms..but i find them quite doesnt show much team spirit..but apparently to you it does..
Name me one team that won a cup or went far in the Playoffs where you had an incident of a fight in a practice or in dressing room?..
And apparently its okay for Souray that plays defense..but is horrible in his zone to critize another veteran that has a bad season just cuz he's racking up PP points..
I find it very can you critize someone when you're not doing that good of a job either??..

As for the other season where he was a ''candidate'' for the Norris trophy..BTW lollllllllllll at that!..
I can say that Carbo was up for nomination for the Jack Adams trophy this year..up until Xmas...
In other never know what would have its easy to say this and that

Its funny how you try to attack me by saying im young and just started to watch that necessary to try to make your points more valid buddy??..

if Souray was that good in NJ they would have kept him..and you're wrong if you think Mtl brought him bcuz they thought he would be a great fit in an offensive system
he had 1 good season POINTS WISE out of 5...maybe you're satisfied with his Defensive skills..but i played hockey for 11years and i was a defender myself..and there's stuff he falls for that you learn not to do in Peewee hockey

And did you end your post by saying if the GA drop next will be because we have better goalies? think the defense had nothing to do with that??..and you DARE to say i dont know about hockey??????? really proved your point there buddy!!

Let me end by can diss my post all you can say im can act like a young kid by saying i know nothing..but bottom line...If Souray was THAT great and THAT important to the team as you make him up to be..Gainey would have given him the big contract..
Simple..but no..Gainey is gonna let Souray go..i wonder why that is..
Ya..its probably cuz he's a great irreplacable defender and the most important part of our PP...riiiiiiiiight

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