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02-29-2004, 10:30 PM
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well whats the point of speculating the trade value of someone who won't be traded. We could waste time talking about what Columbus would like in return for Rick Nash and what Atlanta would like for Kovalchuk, but whats the point?
There are two that immediately spring to mind:

First and foremost, as long as you have a group of people interested in discussing a topic that is valid for the board on which it is posted, you have little right to barge in and claim that the topic is bogus and should be erased. Your best course of action upon finding a thread in which you have nothing useful to add would be to utilize the "back" button on your browser, and continue down the list until you find a topic you are interested in reading, or for which you have some input. Your "what's the point?" posting is nothing but noise.

And second, unlike walking into the local 7-11 and checking out the price tag on a can of chili, Peter Forsberg does not come with a bar-coded price tag under his number. Therefore, to ascertain his value, one can only speculate. The process of putting forth a speculation as to Forsberg's worth (given a certain set of constraints, like the team he is on, his salary, pending status, desires to return to his homeland, affects in and out of the locker room, etc.) and then discussing and honing in on a reasonable solution set is a mental game that a lot of hockey fans find exciting. It is the premise around which fantasy leagues are built, and it seems that there are as many, if not more, fantasy hockey leagues that those of other sports.

I think many of us have idealized assumptions when making a post, hoping the conversation would go something like this:
-IF TOR wanted to rent Forsberg they would have to give up 2 number ones and Stajan and perhaps another.
-That seems like a lot, had you considered this fact
-No, I hadn't considered that fact, but it is reasonable
-I think we would all agree that any team would have to overpay
-Whether TOR would be crazy enough to send Stajan and Steen and 2 number ones isn't the point. I think the point is if PL got this package, he would have to consider it hard.
-He would have to consider it because it's a lot, and this looks like a ballpark range for what a Forsberg rental package might look like, but we also have to consider this other fact...
-Oh yeah, that's a really good point, .... etc.

Unfortunately, this type of hypothetical "what-if" dialog, even though these boards are the ideal place for it, rarely occurs.

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