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03-01-2004, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by guinness
Well did the Oilers ever envision trading Gretzky in his prime to LA in the mid-eighties? The notion of Forsberg getting traded does sound ridiculous, but any player can still be had for the right price. A few seasons ago, Yzerman could've been traded to NJ, but luckily it didn't happen, who would've thought that Bourque wouldn't remain a Bruin, etc? Far-fetched, but impossible.
I understand what you are saying. However, one would have to come up with a more fleshed out scenario. It would help if the hypothetical scenario (a desire to trade Forsberg) had some nice hypothetical reasons behind it. Then we'd beable to extrapolate. It boggles the mind to imagine Lacroix or the ownership even thinking about this. The situations you cited (never heard about Yzerman, though) had reasons. The Oils couldn't pay Gretz, Bourque wanted a cup and the Bruins were going nowehere near that. But the Avs? Perennial contenders, plenty of money and a happy and ultra-productive Forsberg. They're certainly not going to trade him because he dives or has similarities with Cornelius.

All I know is that under the conditions right now, Forsberg would have a big price tag. Rental or not. From the side of the Avs, he just means too much for them. From the side of whoever would be getting him, it's just a great occasion to greatly improve your team and severely hurt the Avs.

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