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06-17-2007, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan420 View Post
you guys have the 3rd worst attendance level in the nhl... if they saty in nashville i ask myself for how long.. there is no market there... sure you get the die hard hockey fans.. but with a 2nd best team rolling into the playoffs and 3rd worst attendance.. now all of a sudden everyone wants to get back on the bandwagon to buy tickets.. i find it kind of humourous.. my flyers had better attendance and we finished LAST the whole season.. time to get outta dodge and find a market that will actually support the team... my apologies to all the die hard nashville fans
You don't know the facts or the story behind them. Do some research, and you'll find that even fellow pompous hockey-snobs will admit that Nashville's fan support is fine, but corporate support(usually considered easier to generate than fan support) is where the problem lies.

Attendance has, as I've tirelessly pointed out, RISEN every year since the lockout(something that was supposed to kill hockey in non-traditional markets). There's a lot of money and business in Nashville. The resources are there, it will just take someone who knows how to reap them. If a local ownership group does come forward, they could do just that.

I'm not trying to come off as abrasive here, but it's getting tiring to hear from people who only know half the story that we're fighting an empty battle, that we should just let go and let the team go somewhere that "deserves" it more. There are a lot of very intelligent, very knowledgeable fans on this board...and we consider ourselves a realistic bunch. You're not coming to us with some overlooked new insight...if we thought that we'd be right back to square one in five years, we likely wouldn't be fighting as hard as we are.


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