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06-17-2007, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan420 View Post
you guys have the 3rd worst attendance level in the nhl... if they saty in nashville i ask myself for how long.. there is no market there... sure you get the die hard hockey fans.. but with a 2nd best team rolling into the playoffs and 3rd worst attendance.. now all of a sudden everyone wants to get back on the bandwagon to buy tickets.. i find it kind of humourous.. my flyers had better attendance and we finished LAST the whole season.. time to get outta dodge and find a market that will actually support the team... my apologies to all the die hard nashville fans
Oh for gods sake would you people leave us alone? Why are you coming here to insult us? Did we do anything to you? Do we deserve to get insulted because we are a growing market, and the fans that the team has obtained are wanting to get the team back because we know it will continue to grow? What is your ****ing problem?

Go away, we care not of the Flyers or their attendance either. You are nothing but a pathetic troll.

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