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03-01-2004, 12:01 PM
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Actually, TB...

Originally Posted by True Blue
If he does not draft too badly, then where is the help? If his 4 years, we've had 2 rookies skate here. One is Tyutin, who looks good, but let's give it a little bit of time before we annoit him a top pairings guys,shall we? And the other was Ortmeyer, whom he signed. Unfortunately, Jed's ultimate upside caps at Kris Draper. Now, I WISH that Jed would develop into Draper, but he has just as good a chance at being less than a 3rd liner.
So, if Sather is not that bad at drafting, then where are all of our prospects?
if you are counting Ortmeyer, then it is five of his picks/acquisitions that have skated on the big club - Blackburn, Tjuitn, Murray, Moore and Ortmeyer. Are you saying that Moore and Murray should be rushed? It wasn't sather's fault that he didn't have a #1 in 2000. It's too early to kill sather about his drafts yet, especially when they are just staring to produce. Most draft take five years to be fully evaluated. If Moore is with the big team next year, and Lundquist and Martz are in Hartford, then that would be three players, all selected lower than the 2nd round, with an opportunity to make the Rangers. If that becomes the average of each of his drafts (and, to be honest, I put more stock in Renney and Maloney running the draft, as opposed to Sather), then the Rangers would be doing okay.

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