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03-01-2004, 03:44 PM
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Edge, you can't deny Schremp's skills. I don't think he stays clear of the traffic anymore than a guy like Nedved does. He's no Getlaf, and I think that ticks you off :p
Skills yes, effort though is a concern. Denis Shvidki, Pavel Brendl and tons of other juniors players have skills, but if they aren't willing to work then what is the point. The difference between Nedved and Schremp is also about 70 points in their draft year as well. Now when Schremp puts up 140 points, I might be able to overlook his sleepwalking patterns out there.

Now having said that, I don't think someone has to be a powerforward to play tough. A perfect example is Schremp's own teammate, Bolland who has come with less fanfare and shown more than Schremp in their draft year. He is willing to work for his points and is a better allaround player. As i said, i can't even say Schremp is the best draft eligible player on his team let alone the number 5 guy in the draft. It reminds me a lot of Gagne and Chouinard as teammates. Gagne was smaller and less heralded but there were many people (myself included) who saw more effort and heart from him. 6 years later it's pretty obvious those people were right.

Mike Green has skills, skating, and toughness - I can see how you can be lukewarm on him
He also hasn't progressed all that much from last year, tends to get lazy in his own zone, isn't physically consistent and generally isn't all that polished for a guy who is now in his THIRD year of junior hockey. In last year's draft he is a mid secound rounder. This years draft he moves into the first round almost by default. He's okay, but for me he is way further down the list. He does have a variety of attributes, but not one of them is really overly impressive.

Ladd's a good skater, has size & is tough - I admit, i'd have to see more than the two times i've watched him play. I've heard from guys who watch all the Hitmen games that he benefits from Getzlaf's play.
See now I don't see that. I think people are putting two and two together like that and are overlooking that when all is said and done Ladd will have played 1/3 of his season without Getzlaf and will have maintained the same scoring pace. If anything you could make the argument that it might actually have hurt Ladd a little because Getzlaf really isn't a playmaker and probably projects as a right wing at the pro level.

Now if Ladd went all to pieces without Getzlaf i'd be more concerned but he is a rookie playing on a team with a lot of draft eligible's {thus a younger team} and is playing with a guy who is really more of a winger than a center. He started the season without Getzlaf, went through WJC's without Getzlaf and he just kept getting better as the season went on. He's big, he's got the ability and he's going against the WHL's top lines and responding with a plus 34 rating.

Now again i dont think he is a superstar but this kid has the goods and has a good chance to make a very good pro winger. I said it about Getzlaf last year when all the "people who watch him everyday" yelled and screamed that i was wrong and i'll say it again this year.

There's a reason I've been here for 7 years and i take pride in my ability to at least recognize some talent. And i'll go on record as saying this kid stands better odds of being a real player than people are giving him right now. I won't gurantee it and I could be wrong, but this kid has really caught my eye.

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