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03-01-2004, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
Okay this may come off rude but, how in the heck does Schremp remind you of Roenick? The guy has 14 penalty minutes hates being breathed on let alone hit, doesn't like to hit and has been outplayed by Bolland on his own team in his own draft year?

Schremp has been by far and away one of the biggest letdowns of the season. He's slipped on every list out there and the only thing people talk about is the hype that surrounded him before the season.

Personally i'm not concerned with his attitude, I'm concerned with his actually abilities.

I'm not as sold on some of the europeans for the reasons you stated and many have come out of nowhere, shined and then gone back to nowhere.

A few of this years kid confuse me. Take Kyle Chipchura for example. He has been a major letdown this season yet he is ranked so high. It's like "What am i missing here". I'd wouldnt even be surprised if Schremp falls out of the top 10 on draft day. Chipchura will probably join him.
Wow! I just checked the stats for Schremp and I can say I agree!

That's more my fault, since I've been out of the loop this whole season with college applications... visiting schools... et all.

Damn. I thought he was still chugging along at a decent rate. Wow. That's a bit disturbing/depressing. Last season, I remeber watchign him and thinking how good a leader he'd be and a good spokesman for a team. He's pretty pronounced! That's a shame. He looked so good to me last year.

But, damn. I see what you mean.

Chipchura. I never saw anything with him. Still don't. He has a cool name though.

Tukonen will bust big. It's nothing factual. Just a bad feeling about his game.

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