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03-01-2004, 03:44 PM
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Rangers need to get trading...

A previous post mentioned NYs drafting position possibilities. I'd say that #5 is probable as it stands, however, we all know that the Rangers have enough talent to even screw that up, and end up drafting tenth by winning a few more games. NYR need to move their guys quick, guys like Kovalev who have decently large value should be moved, and only to teams that are in the lower area of the playoffs, or on the verge of making the playoffs. NYR should be asking for first round picks in deals, not established prospects, as then NYR can choose the path they want with said picks. If my understanding is correct, then Kovalev, Nedved, and Leetch are all ossible guys on the move, and Lindros is doable too, why not try trades such as (I'm gonna leave TO out, because I don't want to be called a homer for thse

To Buffalo: Alexei Kovalev (plus remainder of contract paid)
To NYR: BUF 1st 2004, and Dan Paille

Buffalo still has playoff hopes, although they're fading quickly, so if anyone wants to move guys there, the quicker the better.

To NJ: Brian Leetch
To NYR: NJ 1st 2004, Anton Kadeykin

Do it before Rafalski's or Steven's future is official.

To NYI: Petr Nedved
To NYR: NYI 1st 2004

How long ago did they last make a trade? I'm not too sure of Nedveds contract, but I think with Yashin out the Isles may be interested in the services of Nedved.

IF they managed to pull off these moves, they may fall to 4th, or even 3rd in the draft, as well as potentially have the 13th, 18th, 21st OV picks to make the best of. Maybe I'm entirely crazy to think you could get those type of payoffs for those players, but I don't see why not. You'd also pick up Dan Paille, a great young guy with tons of skill, and the type of leadership/class that the Rangers are needing for the future. Kadeykin is a good looking defencesive prospect, to go along with Fedor Tjutin.

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