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06-21-2007, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedrngrblue View Post
If that's the case....I don't EVER want to see fans on here siding with management again ! Scot Gomez is a solid NHLer, nothing more, Drury and Briere are both better than him, and would in my eyes justify more slary....with Drury being the best of the 3 overall. If owners and GMs are so willing to throw 6mil per contracts around, then they truly have no one to blame but themselves for their financial issues. Give me 1 good reason why Gomez or Briere deserve top money.....and them being free agents isn't enough. Its not about wether the Rangers need to draw point is players that get paid in the top eschelon are normally players who draw fans that pay to watch them come to town( Gretzky, Mario, Lindros in Philly, Forsberg, now Crosby and Ovechkin) If any of those people came to play in my town, I'd be trying my ass off to get tickets to that event. None of those guys are draws....or generate interst for the casual where on this planet do they get top end salaries....if performance doesn't warrant it? Do they get it just because its their time? Sorry....but I strongly disagree with this sense of entitlement, its the very same crap the Rangers predicated their signings on in the past.....and I'm sure I have no need to tell you how bad we sucked then. The more things change...the more they stay the same.

It's called supply and demand.

There are currently 3 big centers available, and about 10-12 teams with a need for a top center The Rangers have a need and they have the cap space available to make a move or one of the three.

You have a superstar that you're paying half price for, and he likely only has 2-3 big seasons left in him. If I'm the GM of the Rangers I'm looking to make a big move now, and make a real concerted effort to win the Cup over the next 2-3 years.

This isn't the Rangers of 98-03 spending lots of money trying to make a bad team into an average one. The Rangers are already a good team, with a stud goalie, superstar forward and a nice supporting cast. This past spring you were two players from being a legit Cup favorite. Th ewindow created by Jagr won't stay open forever.

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