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03-02-2004, 07:23 AM
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Not really

Originally Posted by allrevvedup25
I'm with edge and Steinbrenner, there will be no big trades because as I stated in a previous post in another thread, that if Sather starts trading the vets for prospects and picks, it will admit that he was wrong and we all know that Sather's ego is to big for that!!!
Two things came out of Sather's move out of the coaching box last week:

(1) The Rangers have supposedly decided that they will no longer go with the star-driven system and are going to build a team like 29 other teams are attempting to do - one based upon a system and good coaching.

(2) Sather cried to his Vancouver crony that he wanted to build and not just fix, but the mandate was something else.

Now, while I believe any move Sather made, he did on his own accord, the spin is out there that Sather's hands were tied. So, if Little Jimmy is willing to take the bullet, then Sather can spin it that what he wanted all along was to build a team. I'd say 99% of the fan base believe that's a load of crap. But, Sather has his own smug excuse for the past four years. The Rangers will make trades, I'm certain of that. What Sather needs to do is get at least one stud prospect in his trades over the next week, to go along with the possible stud he gets in the upcoming draft.

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