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03-02-2004, 09:50 AM
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Gotta make one thing clear...

I did state that Dallas would be crazy to do that type of deal. BUT, that's likely the type of deal that would make sense for the Rangers to trade Leetch. It would, to me, have to take an excellent deal, a steal if you will, for me to concede in trading Leetch. Leetch does not need to be moved. He can be afforded by the Rangers, wants to remain a Ranger, and would be helpful in any rebuild, and if there was a good rebuild, would still be healthy, and hopefully here, to realize the fruits of any rebuild. The Rangers are in the driver seat with Leetch - an asset that may be coveted by several teams - but an asset that doesn't necessarily have to be traded. If Leetch is traded, it will be on the Rangers' terms. If nobody want to pay the 'outrageous' price, then hopefully Leetch remains a Ranger. Either way, the Rangers need to 'win' on this deal, because getting back crap and being stuck with replacing Leetch gets this team nowhere.

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