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03-02-2004, 11:23 AM
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I had posted a thread concerning the Habs draft picks from 90-91 up to 2002-2003 and you can see why the Habs went on a major slump for the better part of the 90's. They had very pour scouting in America and especially overseas. Since 98-99 the Habs have had a better scouting staff and are again in the position to create NHL players within their own system instead of Pro-Scouting for them.

Saying that, what's happened is that Mr.G went out and got himself a GM that is strong minded and not looking to pull the trigger. Mr.BG sees the potential in his players and staff and has publicly praised them. It fantastic to see the Habs players finally playing like a team rather then a disfunctionally family that we've been seeing for the past few yrs.

This probably has something to do with the respect and trust they have seen from BG and CJ in they're ability and they have responded.

He has made a few good signings via the waiver and has given a lot of young talent the opportunity to grow over a full season. What other teams fans don't understand about the Habs is that for once in nearly 7-8 yrs they are playing a system that does NOT depend on size but rather teamwork and a coaching staff that has been able to convince the players that this system will win games.

Speaking of the coaching staff, Mr.CJ is an incredibly smart coach that slipped throught the system in Edmonton (I bet they are wondering what went wrong there) and BG made a good choice by keeping him instead of bringing in his own people. CJ was under the microscope for a better part of the yr and has risen to the challenge making it very hard for BG to find a flaw in his system, ability to coach and most importantly, his ability to teach this team how to win.

I think that we are only seeing the tip of iceberg and that this Habs team has the potential to be much more competitive then they currently are. Rest assured that BG knows what this team needs and I have feeling that he will address these issues in this yrs draft.

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