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06-22-2007, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Gas House Gorilla View Post
You don't make that trade unless you're reasonably sure you can sign Marleau to an extension. I'm not big on getting him anyway, I'm more for Morrison with a 2nd rounder, or something similar.
I don't like keeping this pick for the reason that the players available at #5 are all the type of players we already have: a #4 D in Alzner, 2nd line wings and one center in Gagner, who has been riding shotgun on a great offensive team, and may lack big league skills. It never really hurts to have redundant players, but the trade value for the #5 overall should be at its highest right now
But how do you know if you can sign him? There really isn't any way to know, even if you talk to his agent before sealing the deal...which isn't going to be possible when you are trying to finalize a deal while on the clock.

And I'd rather have morrison as well, but I was just using a popular example.

I just don't think you trade top 5 picks unless you are getting elite players in return. I don't know that I'd say that marleau or morrison are elite. Very good, yes. But you don't get the luxury of having top 5 picks very often unless you are consistently bad, and we know the caps are trying to change that. So I think you have to keep the pick. I know McPhee wants to have as many picks as possible to increase the probability of getting NHL caliber players, but a good trade for later picks would be applauded by me. Trading the 5th would be upsetting.

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