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03-02-2004, 01:26 PM
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My take on why it will be idiotic if they trade Leetch.

-I don't think the package offered will be in line with what I could justify such a move.

-If the NHL implements these rules to bring skill and skating back into the fold is there ANYBODY out there you rather have lugging the puck from the blueline or making outlet passes other than #2??

-if the team is even halfway decent next year you absolutely know they will be looking to acquire a d-man to replace what Brian brought and when this happens they'll surrender even more then they got for Leetch in a package for a Sergei Zubov or the like.

And from what I hear this yrs draft isn't all that deep so everybody looking to get all this picks I really don't feel this is the best year to adopt this stratagy.A late 1st this yr is likely a 2nd rounder in last years draft.

NO thanks.

Leetch has at least 3 top end yrs left and still is a top 10 d-man who goes very underappreciated by far too many on this board IMO.

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