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03-02-2004, 02:32 PM
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I know it's hard for you to be...

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
On the one hand, you can't say trading Leetch is neccessary becuase if all you are offered is one top 10 prospect OR 1 late 1st rounder, it ain't worth it.. But if the offer is a top prospect and a #1 then, yes, it is mandatory because it is the best way for this rotten organization to improve the future in a leap...

The worst of all worlds, Sather is offered bupkis for Leetch and we keep him and most probably he continues playing the same inconsistent, often spectacular, but zero-leadership hockey. In a nut shell, we retain a good player for another year but it really doesn't do anything about the future....That's why if the offer is there, you take it and don't look back no matter who the trading partner is..
anything but cynical, BUT!!!...

I am going to state three factors on why I think things may be different next year.

(1) One of the statements that came out upon Sather relieving himself of the coaching duties was that the Rangers are shifting their approach towards construting a team. They are supposedly moving away from the star-driven approach of the past. This might signal that they expect the financial landscape for the league to change.

(2) Sather cried to his crony in Vancouver how he wanted to build, not fix, a team, but there was a different mandate. Sure, Sather's taking shots at Dolan. But, now the spin is out, so sather has his excuse to stick around.

(3) On FAN 590, JD told the interviewers that Sather and Maloney are locked away preparing for the upcoming trade deadline. JD said he expects Kovalev, Nedved and Malakhov to be gone.

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