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03-02-2004, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by st_roland
Since it seems most cap fans want Gleason and most Kings fans would be interested in Daigneault. How about a mutually beneficial trade.

I don't want to deal any of our skilled prospects, but defense is obviously our weakest point.

How about this:

Daigneault and Witt


Gleason and 2nd rd pick in '04

Whether or not thats a fair trade hinges on your opinion of the three players involved.
i think that's an excellent proposal, well done. however, i have to say that, all issues of value aside, i think the organization is pretty high on gleason, especially now that he;s got most of a year pro under his belt. in addition, kings fans (like us) are pretty proud of gleason, and it would be REALLY tough to see him go. however, if a deal were to get him out of los angeles, i think that this could do it.

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