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03-02-2004, 04:35 PM
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IMO, only a trade that helps this team now and in the long run would/should be the only deal IF it is available.

No deal should be made propogating ANY of the future of this club. I.E. no komi, ryder, ribs, bulis, balej, etc.

Trading even a first rounder is bad for us IMO unless there is high value return.

All of this talk about even Hainsey/Hossa, Ryder Komisarek being dealt really bugs me.

Think about it... we spent 3 + years watching Andre Savard be VERY patient in waiting for these guys to take their time and develop, now we are going to flush it all away when we have a dark horse's chance of going far?

Not any of the available players will change that, as it will cost a major player on our roster now as it is...

Furthermore, if Ruthergoof thinks that a 13 goal Jeff O'Neill and 4 goal Sean Hill are worth Zednik, Komisarek, and Ryder... then truly he's off his rocker...

O'Neill is a cancer, & Hill is a whipped loser.

Both do nothing to our club unless they can be had for low level picks/prospects... Anything above average in both cases is overpaying.

We just got rid of a struggling cancer in Donald Audette... why try to rejuvenate one so late in the season, esp. when we all know he won't put in the effort to be a success in the long term?

IMO... I think Im leaning more and more towards keeping our entire team, screw the other teams, as we have as many wild cards in our own bank as we could possibly have... I.E. a top six winger goes down on the left side (AKA Bulis) we could switch Zednik/Dags to the left, & bring up Balej...

A top 6 center goes down? We got Yanic who can fill in for a bit (as he has before)

Defence? 4 right defencemen, and umpteen left defencemen in our system...

The way I see it, making the playoffs is gravy, but we should give the respect to the players who brought us there, rather than dish em off for help now, at the cost of our VERY BRIGHT FUTURE.

A First Rounder??? who knows, we could get help by next year by the pick... and keep in mind, we have 5 developing first rounders who all look as if they could have very good/ great careers in the NHL...

I say keep our guys, as in the long run I prefer our own to live and die by our own sword... We have been burned by the Houle Era as to what happens when a team deals away good/decent for other team's crap. Now I prefer to develop our own talent, so we can see the current habs list, and it can be 1,000,000 times better than the former-habs list.

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