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03-02-2004, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Tough to swallow.

In the short term, we win big time, though it smacks of a 'money' trade after what Boivin said about us getting deep into the playoffs for the team to make money. It's a lot to pay for someone who'll be here for a couple of months. While Balej will probably never be in the same league, I think he'll be a consistent player. Now, he has had injury problems in the past...

The second round pick is probably all I would have offered in this case - but again, I feel that it comes down to money.

Now, I'll not pass any final judgement until I hear what Gainey has to say at the media conference tomorrow (sign him and it's a win trade for sure) so I guess right now I'll call myself ambivalent.

We weren't supposed to do well this year, Gainey said he wanted to continue building for the future - this is diametrically opposed to that. He's not here to help us win the Cup, that's for sure. Again, it comes back to that money thing (unless he's signed) and I find that....insincere - though I know full well it's part of the game.
Kovalev makes $6.5 million a season. He will be in Montreal for 15 games this season. Thats in the $1.5 million range.

To say this is strictly a 'money' move is odd. They are TAKING on salary.

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