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03-03-2004, 05:34 AM
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if they arent at least willing to give up Ott than the talks are a dead end.

Despite his age, leetch can still be a difference maker in the playoffs and is still one of the top 5 defenseman in the league {which he'll prove on a competitive team}.

Which of course again brings us back to the rangers pov, they suck but they dont need to trade leetch and the fact is whoever gets him increases their cup chances a lot.

Now Carter and Ott are good young players but if a team isnt willing to give them up for a legit chance at the cup then it's their loss.

Leetch could be a difference maker in Dallas or Philly or a few other places. Now don't get me wrong, no one is expecting Zach Parise or Simon Gagne back, but if a team isnt willing to part with a Carter or an Ott than he's gonna remain on broadway.

Bottom line is people don't realize just how good brian leetch is and just how limited of a window a team has to win a cup. now ott and carter are nice prospects but they arent irreplaceable.

Bottom line is that right now I dont think there is a better playoff difference maker than brian leetch and if teams wanna go with Gonchar or someone else,be my guest but those teams are gonna be in for a letdown. That's nothing against some of the other players out there, but if you're right in the mix to win the cup and it's your window you gotta go for it. Just like you gotta know when it's not your window of opportunity and you gotta hold on to your cards.

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