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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
That's something I've wondered about. Unlike measuring with centimeters, there will be a difference between someone who's 5'11" and 1/16th vs 5'11" and 15/16th's. Do they both call themselves 6'? Personally I've never had to worry about this because I'm exactly 6'. At least going as low as 16th's, can't tell you if I'm closer to 5'11.999" or 6'0.001".
I'm sure you are at some point in the day. But you are taller (measurably) in the morning than at night (assuming you got some horizontal relaxation= range of 1/2"). Back in the day guys would lie down for 3 days straight prior to getting a physical for the RCMP. More than an inch difference in some cases. The minimum (5'10" IIRC) rule is fortunately now a thing of the past.

To answer your question if you are 5'11 1/2" or better you should call yourself 6' not 5'11" (or 6'1" or 6' 2" if you are trying to make the NHL )

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