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03-03-2004, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
Ray Borque {who i respect a bit more than the names mentioned}, just the other day commented on how leetch could be a difference maker out there and is probably the best option available.

Ya know what Leetch was never the best in his own zone but he's a big game player and something a team needs to win.
No need to be snippy.

"Difference maker" - is this as a shutdown defenceman in his own zone? No? That's what the Leafs if they're going to trade Carlo or Steen for SOMETHING, it had better be to address a void in their roster, not to add another puck-moving blueliner for two years at $6 million per.

"Big game player" - great. We have enough guys with track records of being big in the clutch - Roberts, Nieuwy, Nolan, Sundin, Belfour - we need a BIG PHYSICAL DEFENCEMAN.

Sure, Leetch would be nice to add for free, but to give up high picks and top prospects for him is unnecessary. Do a cost/benefit analysis and you'll understand.