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06-28-2007, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
Easy, you didnt have to put up with months of crap from snobbish fans and media telling you that you didnt deserve a team, and you weren't good fans, and your city is filled with a bunch of rednecks that prefer to wear beer dispensing hats to a Nascar race.

If you (Not you personally, but Hamilton fans, elitest hockey snobs, Canadian media, etc) are going to gloat over Nashville losing a team, we'll excuse me if I'm just a little bit happy that it blew up in your face.

From what I remember of the Expos move, (i'm a die hard baseball fan and was against them moving), there was little fan backlash against the team, Montreal, or its supporters from fans around the league. It was simply a market or ownership group that was unable or unwilling to support the team. (I remember them selling off Guererro, Martinez, RJ).
As a Pens fan, know exactly what that feels like, but we dealt with it for years instead of months.

I agree del Biaggio is better than Balsillie, but it still sucks, and I personally have a dislike for KC now for obvious reasons.

Hope you guys can get the 14k a game, you deserve to keep the team.

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