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03-03-2004, 05:34 PM
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who said anything about experience.

i think its a stupid comment whether you've got 149 or 1149 posts under your belt.

no one is changing the subject. the subject is leetch to the leafs, not leetch vs. sean hill, do when did i change the subject again?

I'm not using it repititvly to hammer home a point, i am expressing my opinion just as you've expressed your......"interesting" one here today on another teams board.

again I'll use repitition by saying that i dont really care if your team gets leetch or not. either your paying the asking price or you're not, its as simple as that. there's no reason to hang out here and debate about it. that's what's been said and you either do or you dont. there's no arguing it doesnt chance anything. you either want to or dont want to.

we don't need 5 people coming on here and commenting how they think it is too much. if it is than you dont pay it, it is as simple as that.

this whole thread has been repeated like 8times. if you dont like the offer than you are free to go back to the leafs board and move on to another trade. its not really that hard.

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