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03-04-2004, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by habitual_hab
Slept on THE TRADE and woke up with a few thoughts...

Kovalev's had a few good years but is now on the downside of his career. He's a career 0.81 PPG player who's on pace for 50+ points in 81 games - thats a 0.70 PPG pace if he's lucky. And that's for, what, $6.5-million per? Jeezuz. (Kind of reminds me of the Chris Chelios - Denis Savard trade. Habs got a few spinoramas and the hawks got a Norris-calibre D.)

Anyways, Nobody knows what Balej is going to produce in the NHL but based on his play in Hamilton and his skill level he's projected by some as a 2nd line winger capable of 25+ goals per season. But that goes with a grain of salt...

But, dependent on contract talks, Kovalev is still a rent-a-player in my view - something Gainey said he wouldn't do. And Balej + 2nd rounder is too high a price for a renta-a-player IMO. In other words, Sather probably picked Gainey's pocket on this one.

So why did Gainey make the trade when he said he wasn't going to get a rent-a-player? Boivin and Gillette want playoff income. If the Habs get into the first round they're guaranteed two home games - three if they're lucky(?). I suppose that the Habs' brain trust is figuring that Kovalev's going to get the Habs past the second round into more money.

So, the Kovalev trade was a bottom-line deal, IMO. Sacrifice a small portion of the future for this year's bottom-line.
Kovalev on the downside of his career? You must me joking. His best seasons were when he was 28-29 years old. He is now 31.

The hockey changed...42pts is not that bad when you play with the blue shirts.
Ryder have 50pts vs 42 Kovalev.

By the way, Balej was too light to play on our 2 first line in Mtl. We need players with size on the wing. He is talented but he is just a poor man Rucinsky. We don't need that! Remember, we are trying to improve!

And maybe Kovalev will resign with us after. He will love playing with Koivu.

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