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03-04-2004, 01:57 AM
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Kovalev interview on RDS(ENGLISH) + Markov

During the early part of the 2nd period, Alexei Kovalev joined Alain Crete and Yvon Pednault in their little rds place and they had a short interview with him. Here are some notes(If it's posted some place else, then i'm sorry.) :

#1 Pednault: Is it Kovaliev or Kovalev or Kovolev ?
Kovalev: Kovalev is fine

#2 Alain: Your not surprised by the trade are you?
Kovalev: I knew I was going to be traded, I was surprised it's Montreal. Yes I heard rumors that San Jose also wanted me but I am happy here in Montreal to play for a young team.

#3 Kovalev: I had a little 20 minute discussion with Claude Julien and he just told me what they are expecting from me.

#4 Pednault: What are you bringing to the Montreal Canadiens?
Kovalev: I am coming here to play like a team and I'm not going to try to do anything myself(repeated it several times) , We will play as a team and win as a team. I will try to see how the guys play and try to fit in with them

#5 Kovalev: I guess the Rangers finally decided to rebuild with the youngsters. The fans should be patient with the youngsters. We had too much stars in NY.

I'm sorry about that Alex.
Kovalev: Hehe, no probelm.. that was a great save..I want to see it again!

#7 Pednault: What Do you think of Montreal, hockey is like a religion there.
Kovalev: Ah it's great! The fans really like their hockey here but what's the bad part is when your sitting at home, surfing the channels trying to find a movie, all you see is hockey news! They all laughed!

#7 Pednault: Thank you and we are anxious to see you play on friday. Thank you and good luck.
Kovalev: Thank you, thank you.. MERCI.. with a little laugh.

Notes earlier: You see Pierre Gervais put Kovalev's new shirt on the hangers... damn it looks great!

Markov and Kovalev were seen walking together and talking on their way to the arena at around 5:30 pm.

Kovalev was one of the guys who got their the earliest.
My Opinion:

-I'm surprised they didn't ask him about contract talks.
-Just wondering, why didn't we go after Jagr instead of Kovalev ? Jagr cost less and has a contract next couple of years.

What's your thought?

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