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03-04-2004, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ObeySteve
Like I said: One day into free agency.

You're pathetic man, seriously.
Seriously man, bite my a$$. That was my initial reaction, without thinking too much about it. Mostly, it was shock. The Eagles haven't dropped big money on a free agent since John Runyan, so them dropping big money on Kearse was definitely a "WTF?!" moment, at least for me. That, and I saw other positions as being more of a need for the Eagles (their top two corners are free agents, and the wide receiver corps needs heavy upgrading, and both Staley and Buckhalter could be gone also). Thanks, though, for jumping all over my back like that, and for being so superior. That was really helpful and defintely contributed to the discussion under way. :mad:

On further reflection, I'm happy about it. If, that is, the other positions of need are also addressed. Of course, upon further reflection (and some more investigation via ESPN), it doesn't seem like the options in the WR market are very promising...but we shall see. I'm still concerned about the foot injuries...the Eagles have plenty of experience with defensive linemen with similar foot issues (Derrick Burgess had the exact same injury), but they're still a concern. He has undeniable talent, that's for sure. Fast, explosive, gets on the QB. I like it, and it definitely addresses a need. If McDougle, Hollis Thomas, Burgess, and Green can have an impact next season and remain healthy, the line should be much improved.

Of course, this now leaves several questions for the Birds to address, and this will be a very interesting stretch. As I mentioned before, they have to address their defensive backfield, their wide receiver situation has to be addressed, and they'll probably need to grab a RB in the draft (most likely...although I'm not sure who's available in free agency ATM) to provide some backup for Westbrook if Buckhalter or Staley don't return. Ahh, and let's not forget that they may need to replace Carlos Emmons as well. So add linebacker into the list of needs. Hmm, who is available (either free agent or possible draft choices) at that position? Anyone with some ideas?

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