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07-01-2007, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by redwingsdude View Post
I think you guys are a bit too optimistic, because some things are really going to have to be worked out. When I see a guy like Bertuzzi looking for $3.5 million, while the Wings want to give him a low base with incentive, I don't see how a more proven player like Shanny would take $1.5 mil. The guy was way hot early, and could easily put up 30-35 next year.

Lundqvist is a top goalie, a flat $5 million would be a steal. Avery, Prucha and Hossa for $3.5 million? Sounds nice, but doubt it happens.

Something is going to have to give. Are the Rags that high on Shanny that they'll pursue him if the bidding gets over $3 million? I realize he wants to stay, but I could see him back in Detroit if the Rags don't pony up.

Any chance this is the year they try to ship out Montoya? That frees up almost $2 million and could definitely bring in a nice return, maybe prospects/picks which won't count against the cap for a few years. I'd think a lot of teams would be interested in Al.
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