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Originally Posted by redwingsdude View Post
It's a ****ing hockey board, deal with people discussing hockey related stuff.

I asked some questions that pertain to the rangers, am I strictly limited to posting on the Wings board or what?
No, but you should have an idea of what you're talking about before you come here and start in on posters. Hank is an RFA this year AND next. Also, he's already told teams not to even bother signing him to an offer sheet. He's the KING OF NEW YORK. He will sign on the "cheap" this year, and then next year when Kasper and Bozo are off the books, my man Henke will cash the F in. As far as Shanny, he's already stated he won't play anywhere else.

I don't know if you realize it or not, but the Rangers have something special brewing, and these guys want to be a part of it. If Shanny doesn't re-sign, the Rangers are rich in Winger prospects, and I have no doubt that one of them could come up and play consistently and contribute.

PS: Rafalski for all that dough? How are you guys going to re-sign Hasek? If not Hasek, who plays pipes?

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