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07-02-2007, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I hear that the Sabres had a press conference that was pretty laughable. Seems like Larry Quinn isn't well liked...

It does suck though, cuz I think if the Sabres could have kept their team together for another few years, they would have won the cup at some point. Not that they can't reload and still do that, but I just felt they were a cup contending team anyways. One that I didn't really like and was rooting against, but still
I have issues with Leisure Suit Larry going back to his first spin as president of the team and prior to that as the guy overspending on the construction of the arena. He thinks he knows hockey when in fact he's a politician with no hockey background nor sense in his bones.

We'll see how things shake out. I have a feeling the Sabres have seen the new CBA for the sham that it is and will revert to boring, Hasek-era trapping before long. With Miller in net and a decent set of defensemen, they'll be in the hunt.

And no worries... I'm not rooting for the Rangers either.

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