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07-02-2007, 10:51 PM
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i love and hate it, because suddenly even a certain islanders fan who used to be very level headed jumped on the hate-the-rangers bandwaggon.
i opened up a thread about a team looking pretty ****ed after they lost the whole first line and asked how people think the management is going to solve the situation.
there was no indication of bragging by me , the only time i even mentioned the rangers was when i said that most will probably not believe that i feel kinda sorry for them because im a ranger fan. and then this supposedly level-headed guy came out of nowhere jumped me and went on a rant how the rangers went back to 97 and that the cup isnt won in july (appearantly his favorite line) and accused me of all kind of stuff.

other came in told him it was totally uncalled for... what happens? exactly.. my thread gets deleted.

thats why i hate it.. but i love the imagination of pouting fans from certain teams.

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