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07-03-2007, 07:21 AM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
I don't think that there is any jealousy or malice involved here at all. Lombardi is simply looking at a position that the Kings desparately need help with and considering all of his options. If he determines that Lundqvist is worth the picks then it certainly does him no harm to make the offer.

If he does and Lundqvist doesn't accept it, fine. If Lundqvist accepts and the Rags match, then fine. Lombardi will have done his job by making every attempt to improve the Kings. Point is, there is more than one way to skin a cat. With a cap in place, spending big money in the UFA market isn't the only way to get it done.
A couple of points:

First on the idea of someone such as the Kings poaching Lundqvist as a RFA:

1) We can very comfortably match an offer to Henrik in 4 first rounders as compensation territory, much less in the 2 first rounders plus a 2nd and a 3rd. Seriously, do people even look at our cap situation? (Don't get mad at us, get mad at the Capitals...)

2) As others have stated, he loves NY

3) He is on a team that is now in position to win the cup for at least the next two years - and possibly beyond that if our fantastic cupboard of prospects keeps progressing to either play for the team or become trade chips. The Kings? Eh... not so much.

As to the hate coming back:

People hate NY. Always have, always will. It's for a variety of reasons - the money focused here, the media attention, the many, many things that make us different (think John Rocker), etc. And to be fair, we have a developed a collective chip on our shoulder (somewhat fostered by the hatred). We're kind of like the older sibling to the rest of the country - if we get attacked from the outside (don't mean to draw references to Sept. 11 here, I mean simply if say a Dutchman were to talk smack about NYC), they'll back us up, but when it comes to internal family squabbles (such as sports), there is an immediate, irrational hatred that pops up. (Personally, I love it. )

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