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03-04-2004, 06:04 PM
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I cant believe that people still want Dagenais in the line up. The guy as a great shot, good. He isnt creating anything when he's on the ice, he's so slow and weak on the puck. The truth is that you don't go far with players like this. Wait till the speed picks up and the checking gets tighter in the playoffs, its gonna be even worse. Yesterday he was god awful, as he always is when he's not scoring, even Kilger or Hossa would have been more useful. I dont mean to be rude but if you would know your hockey you wouldnt make comments like this.

I disagree with these statements completely. Dagenais has played much better since being benched. Dagenais is just a target on this board because Zednik is completely useless if he's not scoring, and he didn't score in 14 games!! Have you posted anything about that? Yes he has speed but doesn't use it and he definitly isn't a much better passer than Dags. If Dags played as many games as Zednik Im sure Dags would have as many goals as Zednik and Dags is younger, bigger and cheaper. Dagenias is of a few big body presences the Habs have in front of the net. But you seem to forgot that Ribeiro is the set up guy on the line and Ryder and Dags are the finishers.

Comparing Zednik to Dagenais

Shooting Actrate(sp) Dags and a heavier shot too
Speed puck control Zednik
Finding open space =
Defence = Dags has a better +/- though +12. Zednik +8
Passing = Neither can pass well
Winning one on One battles Dags Neither are great but Zednik never wins the battles and at least Dags uses his size.
Leadership = Zednik has the "A" but not a good leader
Points per game Zednik Zednik is .567 Dags is .535
Zednik plays 3.30 mins more per game.
Zednik is on pace for 46 pts in a full season and Dags is 44pts. and is two years younger and play 400 less NHL games.

I not saying Dagenais is a god or anything but I think he's still improving and he still deserves the second line spot. Plus I feel Dags still has room for improvement where I feel Zednik has peaked!!

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