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07-03-2007, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
I'll just add to the mounting evidence.

The Rangers saved their money the last two years, and agreed to no long term deals. The cap was set at 50 mil. Same for everybody.

Why is that people are *****ing? The facts are the facts.

When the Rangers do anything: draft the player nobody else wanted, sign two guys that wanted to come here, etc, etc, etc.. Somehow it's different and it's wrong. That is the definition of a double standard.

You won't here many Rangers fans saying we did not overpay. Sure we did. Hell, everybody did and would have. The difference for us was the fact that both guys have a history in the NYC area and wanted to come, and we had the cap space to handle it.

I'd love to believe Sather has some mystical, magical powers that enable him to pull off deals where no else can. It's just not true. Sather is just smart enough to keep his powder dry and jump at an opportunity when it presents itself.

That's it. Nothing more. The planets lined up, we got a bit of luck and Slats pulled the trigger.

You should all be congratulating us. If the Rangers are better, it's better for the entire league.
Yes, and I would put emphasis on them wanting to come here. Is it our fault they'd rather play in NY than elsewhere? Oh shoot me now its just sooo unfair

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